All About Me

I love.
I love Jesus.
and because of Jesus, I love.
It’s more of a goal than an actual trait, but here’s my hope.
Love them (my family, my people, students, women, etc).
Love them well.
Help them to love themselves.
Empower them to love others.

I love Bill.
Years ago, I met a funny cute camp counselor who made me laugh so hard I cried, played a mean game of ragball, and helped me see Jesus in new ways.  After 30+ years of marriage, he still makes me laugh and continues to point me to Jesus.  I’m blessed to share life with this adventurous, creative man who is my best cheerleader, encourager, and teammate.

I love my family.
My two adult “kids” fill my heart as they attend college, have adventures, and discover their gifts as God’s plan unfolds before them.  When we play games, watch out!  When we travel, we’re happy…and..when we laugh, it’s magic.
My mother prays,  my father disciples and I am a part of a family of adopted children who are blessed by a lineage of grace and believers.

I love my people.
I wish everyone had people.  We are technically called a Life Group but it feels more like family. We laugh a lot, eat more than we should, and pray for each other’s kids, marriages, and dreams.  We do life and I’m forever grateful to be doing life with my people.

I love books, more specifically,  words.
They move us, make us, change us.  I’m usually reading more than one book, writing more than one thing, and sharing them with more than one person.

I love students.
Crazy…who does that? Yet, after more than 20 years of ministry, I still love them and have a deep desire to see them follow Jesus. If I could handle it, I’d live on mission trips and retreats year round – they’re my favorite.

I love Women’s Ministry.
As I get older, I’m realizing the wonder of leading women and speaking into their lives from my own experiences and walk with Jesus.  As women, we are unique creations and find community and connection when we come together.

I love to teach.
It’s what God made me to do.  From the college classroom, to the stage in Big Church, to my sweet little study with a few young ladies early in the morning, I love to help others discover what God has told us and how we can apply those words to our lives.  When a light bulb goes on in a mind, especially for Jesus, it’s my thing.

I love the church.
I love the family of God and the body of Christ. I love the teams I serve with in family ministry and on staff.  I have been blessed to lead for many years in the same place and it’s a privilege I don’t take lightly.

I lead. I love. I believe transformation is possible for every person and when it happens in a teenager, life opens.

It’s why I