Discovering Goodness in the Depth of God’s Character (Psalm 100)

Growing up, Psalm 100’s verses shaped my understanding of God’s unwavering goodness. This 100th episode of Moments to Ponder, naturally aligning with that very Psalm, invites you to unpack the richness of God’s character, contrasting the steadfast love detailed in ancient scriptures with the unpredictable deities of old. Amid personal anecdotes and historical insights, we’ll see how the gospel, lived out through Jesus’s example, offers a unique window into the heart of a kind and loving God.

As I share stories of God’s love and faithfulness, you too will be encouraged to recognize and celebrate the enduring trustworthiness of our Creator that spans generations. Join me in this moment of reflection and spiritual awakening, as we honor the 100th milestone of Moments to Ponder with hearts full of praise.