Echos of Praise (Psalm 98)

Join me, Betsy Marvin, as we travel the rich landscapes of Psalm 98, a timeless song of divine worship. Throughout this episode, we examine the intricacies of this sacred song, delving into its stanzas to reveal the multifaceted nature of God and our heartfelt response to His wonders. Uncover the profound joy that resonates when we lift our voices in a new song to the Lord, a testament to both His victories and steadfast love.

We draw upon the wisdom of King David as he joins the chorus of seas and hills—exalting their Creator. Through the lens of Mary’s song and the ultimate fulfillment we find in Jesus, we’re invited to a space of simple, yet profound adoration. The episode wraps us in an intimate encounter with the divine, encouraging us to savor the happiness found under God’s gaze and to embrace the enduring love that shepherds us through each moment. Join us for a journey into the heart of worship, where every note sung is a reflection of God’s eternal grace.