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From  Church Conferences, and Global Gatherings to Retreats and University Lectures…

Betsy brings her experiences and inspiring lessons to students, women, leaders,  teams, and churches. Her tailored messages provide unique insights that inspire audiences to dive into God’s Word, know their worth, and discover the freedom God has for each of us while having some fun along the way.

Youth  |  Women  |  Parents  |  Married  |  Leaders  |  Church


After 10 years of teaching and 20 years of student ministry, it’s easy to say this is Betsy’s most favorite audience!  She has lead retreats and camps, weekly ministry and trips creating content and experiences throughout.

  • Epic: The Bible as One Big Story
  • The Game (the Gospel)
  • The Voice (the Story of Joseph)
  • Adventurously Expectant (Spiritual Pathways)
  • Adjust Your Focus (Habakkuk)
  • Unshakeable (John 16:33)
  • What do I Stand For? (Great Commandment)
  • and so many more!!
Betsy Speaking at a Womens Conference


Ladies, there is so much for us in God’s Word!  Here are few topics I love to share with other women:

  • Women in Leadership
  • Presence over Presents (Christmas)
  • It’s OK to be Brave!
  • Being a Game Changer (Ruth)
  • Freedom (Colossians)
  • You are LOVED!  (1 John)
  • and more


Betsy is a Certified Trainer for Homeword, a company dedicated to helping families succeed.  In connection with Homeword, Betsy speaks on the following:

  • Confident Parenting
  • Understanding your Teenager
  • Creating an Intimate Marriage
  • Generation to Generation: Energizing Your Family’s Spiritual Life
  • First Few Years of Marriage

After years in Family Ministry, Betsy also shares on the following topics:

  • Parent Camp (a series on the developmental stages/phases)
  • Walking through the Phases
Betsy Speaking to Parents
Betsy speaking to a group of leaders


Betsy is a strategic team building leader and has served on high level teams for many years.  Helping teams discover alignment, empower others, and go after what God has for them is her sweet spot.  She is most passionate about sharing:

  • Youth Ministry Leadership
  • Sustainability in Ministry
  • Leading and Developing Teams
  • Women in Leadership
  • How to Lead Without Losing Yourself


Betsy has been speaking in the church and to the church for over 25 years.  She is committed to the body of Christ and believes that growth happens best in community.  Betsy’s love of God’s Word and desire to help others embrace it’s truths is behind every message she shares.

Whether joining into a current series or speaking a 1-off sermon, Betsy loves to be a part of what God is doing in the global and local church.

Betsy Speaking at Cornerstone Church
Keynote Speaker Betsy Marvin

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